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My name is Hila Raam and I am a Product & UX/UI designer.

I have a Design Management degree, M.Des, from "Bezalel Academy" and a bachelor degree, B.Des, in Industrial Design from “Hadassah College” from which I completed in honors

for 3 years in a row, including a final project excellence.


I see myself as an ambitious designer, which believes in hard work, in-depth research and the examination of different design solutions and diversity for each project, to ultimately create

essential products that create change.


My ambition is to create innovation in designs and to transform the way societies perceive design.

I believe in the power of inclusive design, which emphasizes the contribution that understanding user diversity makes to informing these decisions, and thus to including as many people as possible.

This way of thought has the potential to influence people's day-to-day lives by proper design.


The road to my success in the world of design is accompanied by sustained and profound learning,

constant diligence, and the strive for perfection in ever product I design, while recognizing issues such as materials vs costs, adaptation towards the target audience and its needs,

all done throughout aesthetic, precise and timeless design.

hila raam
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